Do you know the potholes in BIM streets?

You may remember my article from July 2015. It’s time to reassess my questions after just over three years. You can still find my old article in my blog. My questions related to two key issues. The first topic was “Project organization of BIM projects” and the second topic was “Consistent data retention and data organization.”

My questions from 2015:

  • Is creativity predictable?
  • Does anyone know of project planning software that can be used to make a direct connection to CAD objects or to a group of CAD objects? Is this also possible if the CAD objects are not yet existent, but the creation of the CAD objects is the subject of the task?
  • Can I electronically realize and document shares in this agile process?
  • Is there a consistent digital documentation?
  • Is there any software with which you not only calculate and settle, but also document consistently?
  • How will we hand over the building files to the builders in the future?

From a little distance, I would add more questions today:

  • Does anyone know a project planning software that allows teams to collaborate in an agile, transparent, collaborative and collaborative way?
  • How do you intend to hand over inventory data to your planners for a conversion in the future?

Project organisation of BIM projects

In 2015, many read my article. Among them was a software developer. At the beginning of 2016, the software developer sent me a message about whether I wanted to test his software product. Whoever says A must also say B. After the test, my answer was: “Yes, but there is still a lot missing.” The answer promptly came back: “What else is missing then?” Two years later, the software was ready and now we are on the right track. Meanwhile, the software can do a lot more than I originally thought and expected.

Consistant data retention and data organization

This task is even more complex. There are many software products about BIM that have grown historically. All software developers used to cover certain services from the entire necessary spectrum. Over time, almost every software manufacturer has found a way to find their place in the BIM process. But is that enough or is it just thought of overnight? Where is the view after the day after tomorrow?
The major software companies have started building internet platforms over the years. The majority are still in the build-up. Are the concepts consistent or do the approaches only fit the content that already exists?
The big throw, from my point of view, is not yet. I am curious to see if there will also be disruptive ideas for a redesign. You don’t have to destroy the tried and tested ones completely, but you should think a little differently.

Conclusion and outlook

I consider the first issue to be methodically and technologically resolved. On the second subject, I remain deliberately vague with my statements. But my criticism is clear. I am not enough to see the current strategies to take decisive steps forward in digitization. Maybe once again a software company will come along and have the courage to present me with an idea or an approach. It could well be that I then answer again with a “yes, but …” Alternatively, I may also be able to contact an entrepreneur who would like to implement something disruptive and has no idea.

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