Agile digital Project Management with Deficiency, Quality and Issue Management

I have already published some articles on agile project management. In my article today, I deal with the complete process. My focus is not only on the actual process of project execution, but also on the digital integration of other management areas.

Before going into the totality of the process, I describe the management components I added. There are special software products for each form of management. As a rule, there is usually no direct connection to project management. If there is a connection, it is not an agile project management.

Deficiency Management
A task is not implemented in accordance with the order. There is a shortage. Deficiencies are recorded and documented in projects in parallel with special software products. The polluter gets information from the software to eliminate the defect usually with a deadline. The actual project, meanwhile, continues regardless of this process. There is no direct IT integration with a feedback back into the project. Often, however, the following tasks depend on the speedy resolution of the defect and must be informed separately by the project manager.

Quality Management
Many companies have already undergone ISO 9001 certification for various reasons and different occasions. In smaller companies, there is a part-time quality management officer. Large companies have complete departments that monitor quality. The company has quality management manuals everywhere, describing work and work processes in the form of process and work instructions. Every employee has a duty to document quality-relevant processes. This involves additional effort and so it happens again and again that shortly before an internal or external audit, operations are searched and documented. There is no direct digital integration in project management. It would make many things easier. In the new version of ISO 9001:2015, the PDCA cycle already has an agile component that almost challenges to digital integration.

Issue Management
The German translation to Issue is very versatile. In an online lexicon known to us all, I found almost 30 possible translations. A deficiency would also be an issue. But in projects, a deficiency results from the insufficient fulfillment of a task. However, an issue can also arise suddenly without a concrete preceding task. However, an issue can become a concrete task in the course of the project.

For a better illustration of contexts, a graphic is always helpful. In the graphic below, I documented the process. This graphic is based on a slightly modified Last Planner©. The Last Planner© is not practiced digitally in projects today. The methodology itself is excellent for the concrete productive processing of any project. However, because sticky notes are placed on walls in the meeting room in the process, this way of working requires additional post-processing. The essences are then re-entered in digital lists and information is sent to all team members via e-mail. The companies work with separate data packages in the Last Planner©, in deficiency management, in quality management and in issue management. Clear data retention is non-existent. In the worst case, the same task is digitally positioned in four places and must be processed and followed up four times.

The graphic describes the digital process of the Digital Last Planner©. There I showed how all management forms in the process interact. Defects or issues are immediately and very agile integrated into the ongoing process. All team members are transparent and cooperative in this process. Wherever people work, there is also a risk that deficiencies and unpredictable things will happen. If the teams have a chance to adapt immediately to changing situations, the entire productivity of a project does not have to suffer.

Everyone is talking about digitization. Many remain on the existing status quo in project management. The introduction of a new method, such as the Digital Last Planner ©, requires the willingness and the will to change as well as a small-time investment. The cost of the necessary software does not matter. Those who actively deal with the possibilities of the software will very quickly notice a time relief and thus an increase in their own productivity. If you would like to start, please contact me.

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