Do you master BIM or does BIM master you? (BQC – Part 2)

The majority probably haven’t thought about this question yet. Many of you have been working with CAD software for years and then switched from 2D to 3D voluntarily. Few first dealt with all facets of the BIM and then planned the entry consciously and purposefully. Do you know all facets of BIM?

A lot has been written about BIM in recent years. I myself started this a few years ago. At some point, you described each facet and then limit yourself to reading articles. One thing is and remains exciting. Everyone has their own entry point as an author and as a BIM user. Everyone then rediscovers BIM and experiences. Every now and neither does this happen in waves. This time-shifted entry creates tension and makes it exciting. Where do you stand, where do your partners stand and where do everyone else stand?

BIM gets people moving and people move BIM. Some dominate BIM and many are dominated by BIM.

BIM is more than just mastering 3D CAD software. BIM has more facets. What is also exciting is that these facets of BIM have always been and will be existent. These facets are ubiquitous for BIM users and are no secret:

IT infrastructure

This complex is about the software used and the resulting data, the hardware and workspace used, as well as the digital networks and digital communication.


This complex is about people’s skills and training, activities and workflows, leadership and management skills, and soft skills.


This complex is about the design of the contract in the projects, the rules in the projects as well as the products and services created in projects.

To master BIM, it is necessary that you take all facets into account equally. It’s not about one-time learning. It is about the constant examination of all topics. You want to improve yourself and your business. You want to continuously increase your productivity and quality. You want to know your current BIM status quo. Our BIM Quality Check (QBC) can support you.

We know the construction. We know BIM. We have been active in IT for decades. We are not BIM consultants. We don’t do BIM training. We do not sell BIM software. We don’t set BIM rules. We do not award BIM certificates. We do not belong to BIM organizations. We are on the sidelines. We are neutral. Our BIM Quality Check (BQC) is neutral.

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