Have you done the BIM Quality Check (BQC)?

The official launch of BIM in Germany was at the Future Forum on the digitization of construction in Berlin on 15.12.2015. The number of companies dealing with BIM, organizing BIM projects or participating in BIM projects is steadily increasing.

You have kindly received your partners (BIM consultant, CAD system house, …) BIM introduced. You are satisfied with your first steps, not entirely satisfied or dissatisfied. A satisfied customer is certainly more willing to invest in his BIM further development. Satisfaction is important, but how relevant is the degree of your satisfaction? Will it be enough for you to be satisfied, with yourself or with your partners in the future? Satisfaction is more or less a subjective sensation.

I would instead ask myself the following questions: How productive was the BIM introduction? How productive was the first BIM project? Where do we go from here? Where are my short-term or long-term BIM goals? Where do I stand? Where do my employees stand? Where does my company stand? Can my partners answer all the questions? Are my partners neutral in their assessment?

It’s not about challenging well-grown partnerships. It’s about taking a neutral look at your personal situation and that of your business. A neutral and independent snapshot is always helpful. When someone tells me “I do BIM.,” this automatically triggers a chain reaction of many unanswered questions internally. I used to be inclined to ask questions or question matters immediately. Today I usually say, “I am pleased that you are actively participating in digitalization in the construction industry.”

The questions have remained, and I have written them all down over time, catalogued them and supplemented them with possible answers. The complete catalogue includes almost 200 questions. The answer takes about 2 hours. The questions want to be answered. The answers want to be evaluated.

The BIM Quality Check (BQC) is a quick and straightforward BIM inventory of your company. It is important that every employee of your company fills out the BQC questionnaire for himself. Anyone can interrupt, record or correct the response. We agree a period with a deadline. The questionnaires are then evaluated, and the results are compiled anonymously or not anonymously on request. In addition, there is a recommendation for action, which you should discuss with your partners (BIM consultants, CAD system houses, …). This will result in your joint BIM future plan.

If you liked the BIM Quality Check, we can repeat it in the future. You will then get another current BIM status quo for your company.

On request, I will be happy to send you up-to-date price information for the BIM Quality Check (BQC).

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