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Dear readers,
More than 30 years ago I completed a civil engineering study with a focus on building construction. I switched to the IT industry in the early 80’s. There I have dealt with a variety of software products, not only in the field of architecture and construction. It is not bad to be able to look at things from different perspectives. In the last 10 years, I go back to my roots. In this blog, I write about Building Information Modeling (BIM), Lean Construction, Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), and Augmented Reality (AR). Today I am active as a management consultant, author and coach.
In 2017 I developed the BIM Planner System (BPS). The reason, was my blog post from the year 2015.

Ulf-Günter Krause

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  • I have started a list of bim guides and am considering creating master table of contents that collates topics covered within each of them. Hope is that by identifying overlaps we can eliminate duplication of effort and improve results of these topics. Also I believe I can reveal potential gaps as well. Can you please share your list of 97 that you revealed recently so that I may compare to my own. Sincere thanks for any information you may share.

    • Dear Matthew,
      I would be happy about it, if you then publish the sum of both lists here.
      Actually I wanted to create a small overview of a lecture. I want to show the participants where Germany stands currently. While researching I came across more and more BIM Guidelines. As a German European, it is my wish that we get in Europe only one binding BIM Guideline.
      Yours sincerely

      National Guidelines for Digital Modelling , Australia
      NATSPEC National BIM Guide , Australia
      ANZRS – Australia & New Zealand Revit Standard v3 , Australia & New Zealand
      Austrian Standards BIM Önorm , Austria
      AEC (CAN) BIM Protocol , Canada
      BIPS 3D Working Method , Danmark
      bips BIM Manual F102 V1 , Danmark
      CAD Manual , Danmark
      bips BIM Manual F102 V1 Revision , Danmark
      COBIM – Common BIM Requirement 2012 , Finland
      Senate V1 BIM Req , Finland
      BIM-Leitfaden für Deutschland V1.0 , Germany
      HKIBIM – BIM Project Specification , Hong Kong
      New Zealand BIM Handbook , New Zealand
      BIMGuide NL , Niederlande
      Rgd BIM Standard , Niederlande
      BoligBIM (BIM Manual) 2.0 , Norway
      Statsbygg BIM Manual 1.2.1 , Norway
      Norwegian Home Builders BIM Manual V1.0 , Norway
      Singapore BIM Guide Version 2.0 , Singapore
      Bim Essential Guides V1.0 , Singapore
      uBIM – Guia de usuarios BIM en Espanol , Spain
      BIM Anatomy II: Standardisation Needs & Support Systems , Sweden
      BIM Anatomy: An Investigation into Implementation Prerequisites , Sweden
      BS 1192 Coolaborative production of aec information – Code of practice , UK
      BIP 2207 BIM – A Standard Framework and guide to BS 1192 , UK
      AEC (UK) BIM Standards V1.0 , UK
      AEC (UK) BIM Standards/Protocol V2.0 , UK
      COBie-UK-Revision , UK
      BSI PAS 1192-2 V1.0 , UK
      BSI PAS 1192-3 V1.0 , UK
      First Steps to BIM Competence , UK
      AEC (UK) BIM Protocol v2.0 , UK
      NBS BIM Object Standard , UK
      CIC – BIM Protocol , UK
      Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM: A Guide for Specialty Contractors (fee) , USA
      AGC – Contractor’s Guide to BIM – 1st Ed , USA
      AGC – Contractor’s Guide to BIM – 2nd Ed , USA
      AIA – E203 , USA
      AIA – G202 , USA
      AIA – G203 , USA
      ATC-75 Improvements to BIM Structural Software Interoperability , USA
      BICSI BIM Practices for Information Technology Systems , USA
      BIM Execution Plan- UF Minor Projects Template (UF-000) Version 1.1 , USA
      Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) Building Information Modeling (BIM) Standard , USA
      Building Information Modeling (BIM) GUIDELINE and STANDARDS for ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS , USA
      Building Information Modeling (BIM) Guidelines and Standards for Architects, Engineers, and Contractors , USA
      Building Information Modeling (BIM) Requirements 1.0 , USA
      ConsensusDocs 301 , USA
      CORENET BIM eSubmissions Guidelines , USA
      CoSA – BIM Development Criteria and Standards for Design & Construction Projects , USA
      Denver International Airport Design Standards Manual 2012 , USA
      DoD MHS Facility Lifecycle Management (FLCM) Building Information Modeling (BIM) Requirements , USA
      FAA – Minimum BIM Requirements , USA
      Georgia – GSFIC BIM Guide – Series 01 – Model Analysis and Validation , USA
      Georgia Tech BIM Requirements & Guidelines for Architects, Engineers and Contractors Version 1.0 , USA
      GSA – Series 01 , USA
      GSA – Series 02 , USA
      GSA – Series 03 , USA
      GSA – Series 04 , USA
      GSA – Series 05 , USA
      GSA – Series 06 , USA
      GSA – Series 07 , USA
      GSA – Series 08 , USA
      IU BIM Guidelines & Standards for Architects, Engineers and Contractors , USA
      LACCD – BIM Design-Bid-Build Standards , USA
      LACCD – BIM Design-Build Standards , USA
      MIT BIM Execution Guide , USA
      MIT CAD & BIM Guidelines , USA
      NBIMS-US v2 (National Building Information Modeling Standard – United States, Version 2) , USA
      NY SCA – BIM Guidelines and Standards , USA
      NYC DDC BIM Guidelines , USA
      Ohio – State of Ohio Building Information Modeling Protocol , USA
      PANYNJ – EAD BIM Standard Manual , USA
      Penn State – BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners , USA
      Penn State – BIM Project Execution Planning Guide v2.1 , USA
      Penn State Office of Physical Plant BIM Requirements , USA
      SDCCD – BIM Standards for Architects, Engineers and Contractors , USA
      Texas Facilities Commission Professional Architectural-Engineering Guidelines , USA
      The Uses of BIM: Classifying and Selecting BIM Uses , USA
      University of South Florida BIM Project Execution Plan Template , USA
      University of South Florida Building Information Modeling (BIM) Standards , USA
      US Air Force – BIM Requirements “Attachment F” , USA
      USACE BIM Roadmap (ERDC SR-12-2) , USA
      USC BIM Guidelines v1.6 , USA
      UW – Attachment G – University of Washington CAD and BIM standards, PDF requirements, and CAD Compliance Review Submittals , USA
      VA – BIM Guide , USA
      GSA BIM Guide V0.9 Overview , USA
      BIM Guidelines and Standards – State of Wisconsin , USA
      Ohio State BIM Protocol , USA
      AIA Digital Practice Documents , USA
      Georgia Tech BIM Requirements and Guidelines , USA
      Indiana University BIM Guidelines and Standards , USA
      New York City Department of Design and Construction BIM Guidelines , USA
      GSFIC BIM Guide , USA
      University of Southern California BIM Guidelines , USA
      BIMForum Level of Development Specification , USA

  • Hi,
    I’m Daniel from France. I’m working to start a company which is linked with the BIM objectives. I’ve yet begin it. My idea is to improve the environment’s worker by print directly and at scale 1 the elements of the plans that can facilitate the settlements and the construction stages of harnessing by combined potential of robotics and printing all supports. The robot’s concept i’m working on it’s called “BIM-I-AM”.
    I’m on contact here with CSTB (Scientitist and Technic Center of Building) institut, to start-up the company. Of course, it’s a complex goal to simplify but i imagine what could be if anyone have plans and good informations printed at real scale directly in the gross building. What could be the future?

  • Hello,

    D-studio is belgian company. We are working as BIM managers and BIM developers in Europe and a little outside.
    Actually we are looking for more information on the comparison between HOAI and BIM LOD. Could you share your insights with us ? Could we get in contact?
    What we are looking for is the mapping of both methods?

    koenraad Nys

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