Is it possible to make the Last Planner System® even more efficient?

Actually, a few years ago I wanted to analyze the world-wide current state of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) just a little. The more intensely I have dealt with it, the more detail has been put into focus. BIM is always seen very technically by most of the participants. It’s all about the digital building model and later about real creation, etc. Only one question remained unanswered.

How do the teams actually work together in all phases of a BIM project?

If you look for the appropriate methods, you will inevitably encounter Kanban and lean construction and then inevitably end up with the Last Planner System®. The Last Planner System® is an interesting approach. Only if one has already started over a long period of time to illuminate the BIM connections and to question, then one transfers this behavior automatically to other topics, in this case to the Last Planner System®. It is not possible to completely question accepted methodologies. I just asked myself the following question.

How does a BIM project and the methodology of the Last Planner System® fit together?

In fact, it fits. Only one thing has bothered me from the beginning. BIM is a through and through digital methodology. I consider it a temporary problem in the cooperation between the IT systems. BIM is completely digital. The Last Planner System® is not digital. Only the project leader must inevitably rely on digital tools. It doesn’t come out without it. A complete MS Office is then used with the various components. Overall, however, it is not efficient.

Can a methodology be developed further?

If we were to constantly ask ourselves this question, then there would be no such thing as progress. For BIM and the Last Planner System® to fit together, there are only two variants, one of which is already eliminated. BIM from digital to non-digital readjustment is not for discussion. Then we only must reposition the Last Planner System® (LPS) to the Digital Last Planner System® (DLPS). Considered (2015) – said, done and discussed (2015-2018) – finished (2018).

Are you really done?

BIM, lean construction and the Digital Last Planner System® will continue to evolve. This is the most normal of the world. Who is actively involved with BIM, lean construction and the digital Last Planner system and is doing it right, will continue to evolve. We’re on it. Are you there too?

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