What do I expect from software that digitally maps the Last Planner?

A few years ago, I thought about what software a BIM manager can use in a meaningful way to organize BIM projects in all phases. Unfortunately, despite intensive research, I did not find the right tool. Then I looked at the different methods for project and process organization and found the old known methods Kanban, Lean Construction and Last Planner. Then I looked again at the existing software products and found only partial solutions. As always, I do not mention names at this point. I can do without the reactions of the software manufacturers. But there are many well-known products that I have tested. Whether new or old. I reject them all. In individual one-on-one interviews, however, I will be happy to provide you with information. Back to my questions and considerations.

Why should there be a Last Planner software at all?

  • Stress-free increase in productivity
  • The Last Planner looks at each task in detail. The task and the promise of completion are in the foreground.

What goals do I want to achieve with A Last Planner software?

  • Relief for BIM managers or project managers
  • No more Excel spreadsheets: First, we always use Excel as a tool to list data in a structured way. If it becomes a permanent facility, one should think about alternatives.
  • Automation and visibility of processes: The manual Last Planner process only makes the status quo of a project visible in conversation. Only with the help of Kanban and Lean Construction can the processes be visually mapped.
  • Integration of quality management: Quality management is ubiquitous. Without quality goals, the completion of tasks cannot be evaluated. Without the possibility of integration into a software environment, it becomes tedious and time-consuming.
  • Reduction of e-mails, phone calls, travel time and travel expenses
  • Digitization of unnecessary meetings: Not every face-to-face meeting is superfluous!

What are the minimum requirements for Last Planner software?

  • Illustration of the Last Planner Process
  • Timed mapping of tasks
  • Support for collaborative meetings
  • Automatic evaluation of commitments

What are the advanced requirements for Last Planner software?

  • Retrieval and updating of data in real time
  • Easy to learn
  • Agility in collaborative planning
  • Transparency for all team members
  • Unmanipulibility of results
  • Implementation of large projects with 50 or more team members and thousands of tasks

In meantime, there is a ready-made software. The iterative development process involving Lean Construction and Last Planner specialists took three years. Now comes the most exciting of all questions.

What are the requirements for a team to use the Last Planner software?

  • You will rightly say that anyone who makes projects can use project and process control software. But it’s not that simple.
  • Are you able to change the existing structures and hierarchies in your company?
  • Are you ready for agile, transparent and cooperative cooperation in the team?

Are you or your project managers or BIM managers ready to take on the role of team moderator?

If you answer any of the questions, you, your company, and your teams are not yet ready to make a digital transformation with a stress-free increase in productivity. But console yourself. They are certainly not the only ones. But think about whether you don’t want to make the consistent change. The digital Last Planner can support you massively. For more information, please contact me.

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